Vizhouse is an architectural visualization and CGI rendering studio based in Sydney Australia. With over fifteen years of experience in the field, we work with a vast array of local and international architects, interior designers and real estate developers.

You design it and we will bring your vision to life through photorealistic 3D imagery and animation. We pay an utmost attention to every detail provided to us with special consideration to every surface texture and finish and we work our magic to give you images that evoke beauty and a warm ambience. More like a painter who is trying to tell a story through his work.

We are passionate about and specialized in 3D visualization for the architecture and construction industries, architectural photography and digital image manipulation, covering everything from luxury high-end residential projects to offices, public realm and planning work (masterplans, eye-level planning shots etc.) including stills and animations.

We are able to take on projects of all sizes and types, from small developments to multi-stage planning exercises, still images, to 360-degree panoramas and fly-through animations.

Our Services cover:

– Still CGI views for marketing
– Still CGI views for planning
– Aerial and eye-level photo montage
– Before/after (existing/proposed) images
– 360 degree interactive panoramic images
– Fly-around animations
– Fly-through animations
– Marketing brochure visuals
– Architectural photography and retouching

The Sectors that we specialize in:

– Luxury residential and private extensions
– Civil and masterplan
– Offices
– Hotels and retail
– High-rise towers
– Public-realm
– Mixed-use


One of the key services we offer is help during the pre-DA design-development stages. We can produce CGI visuals from the very earliest stages of your project, and work them through to completion, while you swap out materials, colours, furniture and refine your architectural and interior design. We have found that this can be extremely useful to architects, designers and clients because they are able to see their design evolve in 3D, enabling them to tweak every detail before proceeding. This can save our clients a huge amount of time and money.

We are more than happy to work with your in-house 3D models, no matter the format (SketchUp, Revit, ArchiCAD, Rhino etc.) but our extensive experience in producing detailed and accurate models from CAD drawings is our best option.

Real-Time On-Screen Production:

Our Studio in Northwest Sydney is conveniently located to enable on-screen design development in real-time. Our clients enjoy being able to work on-screen with us to realize their visions quickly and efficiently. Similarly, we regularly work with clients local or abroad.


Photography is critical to many projects, especially photomontages and CGI visuals for planning documents. For some studios, photography is often one of those things that needs to be outsourced to another agency/individual. At Vizhouse we are equipped with the latest gear to snap eye-level and aerial photography in-house on virtually any project.

3D Visualisation
Architectural Rendering
3D Rendering
Computer Generated Imagery (CGI)
3D Architectural Visualisation
Architectural Illustration
Architectural CGI

They are all different terminology to describe the application of 3D computer graphics used for creating images in art & printed media,
something that we are passionate about!